The ancient peoples saw pictures in the sky. From those patterns in the heavens, ancient storytellers created stories about heroes, maidens, dragons, bears, centaurs, dogs and mythical creatures. What kid doesn’t see dragons and angels in the clouds while lying in warm grass on a summer afternoon? What grown-up doesn’t wish upon a shooting star? So lie back and imagine the animals, insects and patterns swirling in these Hubble Space Telescope, Spitzer Space Telescope and other observatory images. We believe the explanations are best suited for parents, educators and upper-grade students. Parents of younger children may find it helpful to explore the universe together with their child. Parents can use the explanatory text as a guide. Interact with the images and find your own patterns in the stars. Conjure your own stories and settings and share them. Leave a comment on the site about what you see in the images. We love to share your stories.