Starry Swift

Credit: NASA, ESA, N. Smith (University of California, Berkeley), and The Hubble Heritage Team (STScI/AURA)

This week, let’s explore the fantasy lands of the Carina Nebula. Giant creatures of glowing dust and monster stars inhabit this area.

In this part of the image from NASA‘s Hubble Space Telescope, I see a swift darting down out of the sky.

The giant cloud of the Carina Nebula is a place where stars are born. Ultraviolet radiation streaming out from the region’s big stars shape and light up the gas and dust. Strong winds from these stars push the gas and form swirling patterns in the cloud. The nebula is about 7,500 light-years away toward the constellation Carina the Keel. Carina is a constellation in the southern hemisphere. it is part of an older constellation group called Argo Navis, after the ship that carried Jason and the Argonauts.


Theresa 21-09-2009, 10:29

This is a cool website. Thanks!

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