Now Available! Hubble Star Cards

If you’ve vis­ited this web­site in the past, you’ve prob­a­bly seen the big area on the home page fea­tur­ing Hub­ble Star Cards. The space-themed card game puts the uni­verse in the hands of par­ents, chil­dren and teachers.

The game won a Hub­ble Gold Star award in 2010 from NASA and the Insti­tute for Global Envi­ron­men­tal Strate­gies (IGES) for its inspir­ing use of the amaz­ing imagery from the Hub­ble Space Tele­scope. The vivid, stun­ning images moti­vate and engage chil­dren of all ages to learn about objects in Space.

Hub­ble has a unique abil­ity to draw the pub­lic into explor­ing space. Through beau­ti­ful images of plan­ets, star clus­ters, pil­lars of dust, and galax­ies, Hub­ble pro­vides a cru­cial step­ping stone in the process of sci­en­tific inquiry. Hub­ble Star Cards cre­ate a hand-held expe­ri­ence that opens the door to new ques­tions and answers. You can actu­ally hold the Uni­verse, all of cre­ation, in the palm of your hand and have fun learn­ing about it at the same time.

The game includes 60 cards cat­e­go­rized by plan­ets, plan­e­tary neb­u­lae, super­novae rem­nants, neb­u­lae, star clus­ters and galax­ies. The cards include an image, a basic descrip­tion, a key to the type of object, loca­tion in the sky, con­stel­la­tion, and dis­tance from Earth. Pos­si­ble games include War, Go Fish, Sort­ing, Dis­tances and Match­ing. Although tar­geted for stu­dents 8 and older, preschool­ers have played many of the games just by using the amaz­ing imagery as a guide.

Hub­ble Star Cards, just $24.95, are avail­able for secure online pur­chas­ing at

I think they are pretty neat and I think you will too.

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