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Eye of Stars

NASA/ESA Hub­ble

Set against a starry back­drop, ESO 456–67 glows like a cat’s eye or in the shape of Mas Amedda from Star Wars in this image from the NASA/ESA Hub­ble Space Tele­scope.

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Ethereal Purple Petals


Pur­ple petals, an eerie pur­plish eye or tire glow in this image from the Euro­pean South­ern Observatory.

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Sparks in the Dark

NASA/ESA Hub­ble

Vio­lent things can come in small faint pack­ages as shown in this NASA/ESA Hub­ble Space Tele­scope image of the star­burst galaxy NGC 3738.

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Arching Eyebrow Frames Galactic Eye


An arch­ing lane of dark dust resem­bles an eye­brow above a blue eye in this image of Arp 116 from the NASA/ESA Hub­ble Space Telescope.

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Colossal Fireworks

X-ray: NASA/CXC/Rutgers/G.Cassam-Chenaï, J.Hughes et al.; Radio: NRAO/AUI/NSF/GBT/VLA/Dyer, Mad­dalena & Corn­well; Opti­cal: Mid­dle­bury College/F.Winkler, NOAO/AURA/NSF/CTIO Schmidt & DSS

An expand­ing translu­cent bub­ble is all that remains of a star in this com­binded image from NASA’s Chan­dra X-ray Obser­va­tory and other observatories.

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The ancient peo­ples saw pic­tures in the sky. From those pat­terns in the heav­ens, ancient sto­ry­tellers cre­ated leg­ends about heroes, maid­ens, drag­ons, bears, cen­taurs, dogs and myth­i­cal crea­tures…
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