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Carnival of Space #280

The Inter­nets were abuzz last week with all sorts of spacey news. Let’s dive right in for the 280th edi­tion of Car­ni­val of Space!

Last week marked the 40th anniver­sary of Apollo 17 leav­ing the Moon. Amy Shira Tei­tel with Vin­tage Space offers a look back at the last words they spoke while still on its sur­face.

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Carnival of Space #276

Heya! Over here. I found a back way into find­ing out the most amaz­ing astron­omy and space news of the week. Come with me into Car­ni­val of Space #276.

Chas­ing eclipses is great fun but so is watch­ing them from the com­fort of your chair at home; some­thing that wasn’t really pos­si­ble a decade ago. Uni­verse Today has a round-up of images and video from the total solar eclipse this month vis­i­ble in south­ern Australia.

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Carnival of Space #272

It’s time for another roundup of the lat­est space news from var­i­ous blogs around cyber­space; some­thing we call Car­ni­val of Space. Watch your step and look up as you board the lat­est ride through the carnival.

Per­haps the biggest, cer­tainly the most excit­ing, news last week was the announce­ment from the Euro­pean South­ern Obser­va­tory of a scorch­ing world orbit­ing uber-close to Alpha Cen­tauri B. It’s also the light­est exo­planet dis­cov­ered around a Sun-like star, reports Next Big Future.  Nancy Atkin­son at our host Uni­verse Today detailed the new find­ing. Astroblog­ger offers reflec­tions (and a celes­tia file) on the recent Earth-sized red-hot planet.

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Carnival of Space #241

Wel­come back to episode #241 of the Car­ni­val of Space; the source for the lat­est space news from var­i­ous blogs from the past week. Step right up for the lat­est ride around the carnival.

Aster­oids: they’re big, scary and can kill mil­lions. Nuclear weapons: they’re big, scary and can kill mil­lions. Ian O’Neill of Dis­cov­ery News asks wouldn’t it make sense to unite the two?

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Carnival of Space #209

Wel­come to the 209th edi­tion of Car­ni­val of Space. Some­thing a lit­tle dif­fer­ent in store for you this episode. Car­ni­val hosts are scat­tered across the globe spread­ing the space news of the week. Click on a marker and space news will appear.

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If you run a space/astronomy related blog, and would like to get more aware­ness, par­tic­i­pate in the Car­ni­val of Space. Every week, a dif­fer­ent web­mas­ter or blog­ger hosts the car­ni­val, show­cas­ing arti­cles writ­ten on the topic of space. It’s a great way to get to know the com­mu­nity, and to help your writ­ing reach a wider audi­ence. If you’d like to be a host for the car­ni­val, please send email to

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The ancient peo­ples saw pic­tures in the sky. From those pat­terns in the heav­ens, ancient sto­ry­tellers cre­ated leg­ends about heroes, maid­ens, drag­ons, bears, cen­taurs, dogs and myth­i­cal crea­tures…
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